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One Equine Gestalt Coaching Session can change your life and set you on a path of momentum and transformation. Each session is designed to meet you exactly where you are in the present moment through co-active, somatic based coaching. We believe the every person is the expert on themselves and that you have the answers to your own life’s questions already inside of you, often just outside of your awareness. It’s our job to help you find them by tapping into your subconcious and your life experiences in a healthy, productive, and safe setting.

Horses are an active coach in the EGC process, as well, often informing your human coach to incongruities between what you may be saying versus what is the most sacred truth within you – all for your highest self’s greatest good. In this setting, clients are often able to find one key phrase or feeling that helps shift perception and ways of being in the world. When we create change on a cellular level in this way, we help that transformation ripple out and out. The outcome is often richer relationships with yourself and others.

Gestalt coaching alongside horses has the power to transform your life. At Seahorse Healing, we are honored to help guide you on your journey – at our farm or yours.



We are currently offering all Service Industry, Health Care Workers, and Caregivers a special rate as a way to give back to our community. If you work in a field where you give professionally or live in a home where you are a personal caregiver this special is meant for you. Often we are so dedicated to the care of others, we forget to bring that same dedication home to ourselves. EGC sessions will help you rekindle joy and fill up your tank so you can get back to doing what you love from a fuller place.

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Ticket Type Price Spaces
EGC - Single Session $250.00
EGC - Half Day $500.00
EGC - Full Day $1,000.00

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