Date(s) - 05/13/2022 - 05/15/2022
4:00 pm

LaPointe Dunn Farm


A combination of Gestalt Coaching + Therapeutic Horsemanship, our weekend retreat will help you create relationships with other group members, regardless of your age, profession, what you look like, or where life has led you in the past. We have found that when we gather in these sacred circles, matters of the flesh and ego melt away. You will receive individual, personalized coaching in whatever area of your life you feel could use some attention, exploration, healing, and/or expansion. Nothing is too big or too small for your sessions with us.

Limit 8 participants.


As prey animals, horses live with heightened awareness to their senses. Their ability to perceive, communicate, and process the world around them is vital to their survival. In turn, they are equally discerning towards our most subtle behaviors and emotions as humans. It’s simply their nature.

In coaching sessions, horses offer valuable non-verbal and non-judgmental feedback, mirroring your truths, sometimes physically nudging you away from old thoughts and patterns that no longer serve your highest good. They are truly another coach in the process, offering vital information to you, the client, and to your human coach.

Each session is unique to the individual client’s life story and needs. Above all, it’s my job as your guide to make sure each session takes you to a place of deeper self-compassion. Through the experiential gestalt process we will examine the challenging areas of your life. We will explore them through a new lens so that you leave the arena lighter and with fresh perspective.


As a gestalt practitioner, I believe that you have the answers to your own questions, often just outside of your own awareness. It is my job to help guide you to them, to listen to the horse for feedback to help inform our session as you discover hidden gems of truth from within.

By reframing your past you will be able to move towards the future with greater hope and joy. EGC is a stepping stone to greater self-awareness and self-compassion. Through these sessions you will learn to trust your intuition and live more deeply grounded in the present moment. Let go of the pain from your past and embrace the limitless possibilities of tomorrow.

Unlike talk therapy, Equine Gestalt Coaching is experiential by nature which means the healing process is more readily integrated into the body and mind on a cellular level. You will not forget the lessons you learn alongside these majestic creatures.

One session at Seahorse Healing will ripple out into other areas of your life as the process unfolds and frees you from that which was holding you back. I know this because I have sat as a client. This powerful form of healing has changed my life in ways I couldn’t have thought possible.


Gestalt + Horsemanship go hand in hand. Both are opportunities for experiential learning alongside the naturally healing power of horses. It is our belief that when we set aside our human ego to partner with horses we learn a great deal about leadership, partnership, and how to relate to the world outside ourselves in profound ways.

Horses have been our trusted partners for centuries, often putting our needs well ahead of their own. They have worked fields for us, fought battles for us, fed our ancestors, and carried us across centuries. We believe that the greatest gift we can offer back to them is to slow down and listen, to hear their profound messages, and to welcome their healing presence to our hearts.

This is not a riding experience though mounted activities may be included when appropriate.


LaPointe Dunn Farms is located just outside of Monroe in South Central Wisconsin. You can expect to meet for about four hours Friday after noon and evening, all day Saturday, and most of the day Sunday. This is not a sleepover retreat, however some sleeping accommodations may be arranged. Please inquire. We will provide dinner Saturday night. Please expect to bring lunch, water and snacks each day, and dress in layers for comfort. This is a casual venue and a space for deep healing. Please feel free to leave your fashionista at home! Further details will be shared upon registration.


Nelle Rogers: Equine Gestalt Practitioner / Owner Seahorse Healing. Nelle is known for insightful, gentle coaching while also guiding you firmly towards growth and awareness. She will put you at ease so you feel open to sharing your inner most stirrings and help you glimpse the possibility within them. EGC is a powerful form of experiential healing that takes root from the inside out. It is truly transformational.

Maureen Dunn: Equine Behavior Specialist / Owner Centered Horsemanship. Maureen has a keen ability to break down the many facets of human-horse communication and connection. Her well of knowledge and intuition is deep. She is well known and highly valued in the equine community of South Central Wisconsin with a rooted background in Natural Horsemanship, Dressage, and Eventing.

Disclaimer – Gestalt allows us to look at our shadow selves so that we can move through our dark places and into a brighter future. Group sessions are for those in a place to share space, let go, and move towards healing. If you are in an active or highly triggered trauma state, group work may not be for you at this time. Please contact me with questions or to set up a private healing session if this may apply to you.

Cancellation Policy – If you find you need to cancel please do so prior to April 15. Cancellations placed after April 15 will be refunded the remaining balance only if we are able to fill your place. Thank you!

Lasso the Moon – Spring 2022 is the first of many collaborations between Nelle Rogers + Maureen Dunn. We expect to offer this retreat a couple of times each year and have priced this experience accordingly so that we can reach as many people as possible as we continue to share our love of horses and healing with our community. For reference, one 90 minute Equine Gestalt Session is $250.