Date(s) - 08/01/2022 - 08/29/2022
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Imagine Farms


We invite you to come to the barn and experience the Magic of Seahorse Healing Monday nights in August. We will explore healing through the experiential Gestalt process as well as the Art of Horsemanship. We strongly believe that Healing and Horsemanship go Hand in Hand – both are windows to growth and unexpected possibility. Both have profound impacts on our internal and external worlds as the lessons we integrate ripple out and out in other areas of our lives.

Healing can be hard, and sometimes growth can feel scary. Magic Mondays are an opportunity to come to the barn and play in addition to working hard on the parts we sometimes don’t want to look at. Horses can be our most trusted partners in life when we open our hearts and minds to the lessons they have to teach us and to the support they have to offer us.


Bookings are closed for this event.