Date(s) - 12/31/2030
10:00 am - 8:00 pm


Equine Gestalt Coaching Sessions (2) | 60-90 Minutes Each

Phone Coaching Sessions (2) | 30 Minutes Each

$450 / Month (Minimum 3 Months)

We offer this Coaching Package as a way to maximize your time with us. Blending Phone Coaching with Equine Gestalt Coaching allows for optimal Action + Results. In person, we are able to work on unfinished business that may be holding you back, past or current trauma experiences, and any emotional issues that come up along the way. EGC will help you clear out your closet so we can start to see a new path towards your future. Your experiences at the barn are supported in love and compassion, received with a kind, open heart and mind, and are always supported from a place of non-judgment and loving kindness. We believe that when we are able to be totally honest about who we are in a safe setting, anything is possible.

In between EGC Sessions, we will meet by phone two times per month for thirty minutes each call. Phone Coaching allows for continued support and accountability as you are able to start taking action in your daily life. We have a number of tools to help support you by phone so that you can stick with it as you work through clearing out your past. Combining EGC + Phone Coaching truly optimizes your results and ability to walk towards a fresher future.

We require a three month minimum because we believe it takes at least ninety days to start to see results as you make changes to your daily life.

Payments are due on the 1st of every month.




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