Date(s) - 09/10/2022 - 10/15/2022
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Imagine Farms


We welcome the opportunity to share Saturday mornings with you in a space of healing and connection. While our focus is on grief and bereavement in all its forms – because to be human is to know grief and sorrow – please know that all are welcome to join this circle if it calls to you with whatever is on your heart. As is true with most of our groups, some days you will sit in support of others and absorb the borrowed benefit from their individual work. Other weeks you will get to sit as the client as the group supports you in exploration and transformation. It’s our job as your guides to create safe, sacred space and truly nurture your body, heart and mind as you open more and more to the truths that are awaiting your discovery – all alongside the naturally healing presence of our horses.

This group is intended for individuals who are ready to step up and dive deep into personal work. We will approach healing from a gestalt framework – meaning that our main focus will be to explore your past, your trauma, and your life’s journey through an experiential process that often goes deeper than an intellectual understanding of our pain. Our Saturday Morning Grief Circle will be led by Nelle Rogers (Equine Gestalt Practitioner) and Bobbie Harte Shaw (student-practitioner in Marriage + Family Therapy at Edgewood) offering you two sets of professional eyes and hearts as we navigate our six weeks together.

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We offer both a one time payment option as well as weekly payments for our clients in an effort to be as accommodating as possible. We  also limit the number of attendees to maintain safe, sacred space for the group. Please understand that by registering you are committing to attend as often as possible and that full payment is expected whether in attendance or not.

*DISCLAIMER: Gestalt allows us to look at our shadow selves so that we can move through our dark places and into a brighter future. Group sessions are for those in a place to share space, let go, and move towards healing. If you are in an active or highly triggered trauma state, group work may not be for you at this time. Please contact us with questions or to set up a private healing session if this may apply to you.


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